Demand Side Response

Unlock new revenues by using your power more efficiently.

Energy Management

Energy is expensive and at times in short supply. As a result of this National Grid have created a number of schemes to encourage users of energy to engage with them in order to help balance the load on the grid – these schemes fall under the banner Demand Side Response or DSR for short. If you had the tools to accurately monitor your loads onsite then you could get paid by National Grid for turning assets on or off based on the grid demand at that time. A few of the key schemes currently in use are:

  • Firm Frequency Response (FFR) – a monthly electronically tendered service through which National Grid procures energy that can respond within either 10 or 30 seconds.
  • Reserve – a selection of schemes that are tendered throughout the year with varying energy requirements and response times.
  • Capacity Market – critical part of the UK Government’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) programme. It aims to ensure that there is sufficient capacity of electricity to meet projected levels of future demand and is run through annual auctions where providers are selected to deliver capacity either in the current year (T-1 auction) or in four years’ time (T-4 auction).
  • Peak Avoidance – reducing or shifting consumption during peak times to avoid significantly higher network costs (Triad and Red Zone).

Whilst DSR is an extremely complex market, Vital Power can offer solutions to both energy users and aggregators that simplifies the process and allows both parties to benefit from participation in one or multiple schemes. We are very much at the forefront of the DSR market – with the perfect combination of skillsets, market knowledge and industry leading technology we are able to connect the relevant parties involved in the process of engaging with National Grid.

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